de-mob* stands for democratic mobilisation, and is a movement to get more people involved in the issues that affect us. The first de-mob ambition is to encourage people, through knowledge, to vote in elections and referendums – history tells us 41% of us don’t.

We started off by asking some people why they might not vote and if they could get interested in politics – in response we heard that there was too little information relevant to their everyday lives to be interested in politics and to make an informed decision.

This gave us the de-mob aim – to be a bite size, unbiased and relevant one-stop-shop on who’s really saying what about the things that’ll affect our everyday lives. de-mob is a starting point and throughout the website, there are links to other sites where you can find out more.

People have repeatedly called for accessible and unbiased information that will help them decide which way to vote on 23 June: this is what we aim to provide. We’ll also regularly provide updates via our facebook and twitter pages.

The more we get involved in politics, the more accountable we make politicians and the more our world around us reflects who we are.

You can contact us here for more information.

* de-mob brand. There is a traditional meaning for demob, but that’s not us!
We are democratic mobilisation