This is a once in a generation decision which will change our country as we know it. It is therefore important that we are firstly registered to vote and secondly, that we go out to vote on 23 June. Whatever side you’re on, there are a number of ways to actively get involved in campaigning. One way is by offering to volunteer in the run-up to the referendum. Campaign groups are always in need of extra pairs of hands and legs, so unleash that political animal inside – the links below will show you the way…

Get involved with Vote Leave

Get involved with Stronger IN

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Since the referendum date was announced, a number of campaign groups have been established to campaign for both sides of the debate. Below is an outline of the main groups within the seven main political parties.

The Labour Party

  • Labour MP Alan Johnson is leading the Labour party’s remain campaign – Labour In for Britain.
  • A number of Labour MPs have also confirmed their intention to campaign and vote to leave the EU. Labour MP Kate Hoey is leading the campaign to leave the EU – Labour Leave.

The Conservatives

  • David Cameron is leading the campaign for Britain to stay in a reformed EU through the Britain Stronger IN campaign.
  • Around 142 Conservative MPs have announced their intention to vote to leave the EU. Former Conservative Chancellor Lord Lawson is leading the campaign to leave the EU – Conservative For Britain.

The Liberal Democrats

  • The Liberal Democrats are supporting Remain and running the Britain in Europe campaign.
  • A faction of party members, councillors and former MPs have come together to campaign to leave the EU – Liberal Leave.

The Scottish National Party

Plaid Cymru

  • Plaid Cymru is supporting Remain campaign and is running the Wales in Europe.


  • A strong opponent of Europe, UKIP has consistently fought for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, believing that the closer economic and political union will bad for Britain.

The Green Party