Prior to announcing the date of the referendum, the Prime Minister sought to negotiate changes to the UK’s membership of EU that will take effect immediately should the UK vote to remain in the EU.

Following months of negotiation, the Prime Minster reached a deal with other member states’ leaders on a package of changes to the UK’s membership of a “reformed EU”.

The following outlines what was agreed and how this compared with what the Prime Minister wanted.

What the Prime Minister wanted What was agreed

A complete ban on child benefit payments to migrants’ children overseas.

The child benefit payments to migrant workers’ for children overseas to be re-calculated to reflect the cost of living in their home countries.

Denying EU migrants access to in-work benefits for four years.

The UK to impose ‘emergency brake’ on in-work benefits for EU migrants during their first four years. The brake can only be applied in event of ‘exceptional’ levels of migration, but must be released within seven years – without exception.

Give more power to national parliaments to ‘red card’ EU plans.

It will be easier for governments to band together to block unwanted legislation. If 55% of member state parliaments object to a piece of EU legislation, it will be reconsidered.

Cut red tape, complete the single market in services and sign major trade deals with the US and Asia.

All EU institutions and member states will make every effort to fully implement and strengthen the internal market and to take concrete steps towards better regulation, including cutting red tape.

Prevent Eurozone states from ‘ganging up’ on Britain in access to the single market as they seek to integrate further.

British businesses can trade with the EU trading bloc without fear of discrimination and any British money spent on bailing out Eurozone nations will be reimbursed. The UK will keep the pound.

Excluding Britain from the principle of ever-closer union.

An explicit commitment that the UK will not be part of an ‘ever closer union’ with other EU Member States. This will be incorporated into an EU treaty change.